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How to attack the Open (if you choose to)

In our previous post about the Open, we covered what it is, how to sign up, and when we will host these workouts.

Today, we are going to talk about the standards of movement, how to decide what level you should do (RX, Scaled, or Foundations), and how to attack the workout itself.

Standards of Movement

As coaches, we will tell you to squat lower, lockout overhead more, not round your back, etc., but we never call out "No-reps"

In the open, even without a Judge, you should focus on hitting the movement standards (*to the best of your ability).

Meaning, always squatting below parallel. Always locking your hips out on your box jumps, chin over the bar for pull-ups, both toes touching at the same time for TTB. If you sign up online for the Open, these standards are the requirements in order for a rep to count.

Some of these are “RX” movements which you may not need to worry about, but you get the idea.

Sending your score in?

This means you must have a Judge or video for us to confirm your score before we will approve it as a gym. Obviously, standards must be hit here.

How to decide what level?

The Open has always been (partially) about pushing your limits.

This creates a fine line between getting your first...Pull-up, Muscle-up, Toes-to-Bar...and staying safe.

You may also see weights that you can hit a few times but may go up past your max as the workout progresses.

So, do you do as much of the workout RX as possible (means a higher score technically), or do you attack it at your usual level?

It depends!

We will always advocate for doing everything as safely as possible!

If the RX workout is:

-5 Rounds for time, 10min cap.

-10 Clean at 185/135

-10 Pull-ups

If that is your max clean, and you could get a few pull-ups...is it worth sending in a score of 13?

Or, if the Scaled version is the same with 135/95 and jumping pull-ups, is it worth it to get a better score for your ability level, where you can crush it? 

As your coach, we understand the excitement around doing something you have been striving for, but we also need to keep you safe. 

Keep that in mind when picking which version you go with.

How to attack the workout?

This is about proper pacing. 

We have written before that most days at the gym are for "Training" and to save "Competing" for things like the Open or Fran, etc.

Which means the time to go hard is now!!

However!  That does not mean you throw caution to the wind and go out way too fast only to crash and burn!

It means you try to get a few more reps in before you put the bar down.  It means you get up from that burpee a bit faster than normal.

It means when your mind says rest, you get one or 2 more reps.

All within reason of course.  You know your body and know when it will be too much, but this is what you have been training for.

Make a plan for each workout and attack!

We will be there to help explain and plan before each workout either way.

At the end of the day, this is still all for FUN! 

Be safe. Have fun with friends. Kick some butt!