Importance of your new Routine


There’s a lot of it going around, especially now.
A good way of reducing or controlling it you ask?

A simple solution is creating and sticking to a daily routine. This will help to reduce your stress and even now, facilitate relaxation.
Focus on what you can control, the act of doing (ie: following a routine) will give you this sense of control.

Our most valuable resource: time.
It is non-retrievable and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

We seemingly have more of it currently, but not staying productive can make it feel just the opposite.
This means we need to make the absolute best use of our new found freedom (even if stuck at home), so it does not feel like new found chaos.

Planning our days and sticking with a routine will help your days go by quicker, give you that sense of accomplishment, and with practice, be even more proficient at what you do. 

Regardless of what's going on in the world. If you go about your day without a plan, “winging it”, with no clue what you are going to do or what you want to do next, you are setting yourself up for failure. Following this path, you are likely to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and will probably end up falling short of your goals, let alone your potential. 

Creating your own routine will help keep you productive, stay in control, and be the best you can possibly be!
It will help to build self-confidence, which in turn will give you self-satisfaction.

Setting a routine will help you to create good habits and break bad ones.
Make a list of the new habits you want to master. Build them into your day....ONE small thing at a time.
Slowly build the repetition of the same tasks over and over again.

Want to start flossing every day?
Add two minutes to your nightly routine, after you brush = floss! (if you are brushing your teeth each night anyways ☺).

Following and developing good habits will naturally eradicate the bad habits that have not been serving you.

There is no better time to turn over a new leaf. We are a week into this COVID epidemic, if you have not been putting your time to good use (if not working), I hope it was relaxing because now it's time to step up! Do not waste this opportunity to be better!

Stay tuned for our next blog about HOW to begin planning your day!

Stay Safe, Matt

Kali Maurer