Stop Multitasking and Increase Productivity

Lets talk about your time spent being productive.  
Wait, lets talk about your time not spent being productive...that time you are wasting when you should be doing something useful.

Before we get too far, understand we wholeheartedly believe in a proper work/life balance.  So before you picture me biting your head off; we know and appreciate our down time...but we’ll get to that.

Back to being a useful human being at the times we're supposed to be productive.  Whether you have a full time career, part time job, or are a stay at home Mom/Dad...during the day we all need to get stuff done.  

Where does this go wrong, where do we take a turn from productive to mass chaos and dozens of half finished tasks?!

Easy...tell me if you have been here before:

Its a beautiful fall Saturday morning, you just got back from class, eaten a healthy meal and now its time to get some chores done around the house.  Everything starts off well, you attack what is most pressing.  What NEEDS to get done first?  What will have the biggest impact?  So far so good…

Dishes!  The kitchen is a mess, lets get the dishes off the counter or in/out of the dishwasher and you will feel better.  

So, you have the garbage can open, scraping food off...damn the garbage is full, lets take that out quick...out to the garage only to find the garbage can is blocked by one bike, the left foot of a set of roller blades (where's the other?), a hockey stick and….is that kids lunchbox on top? Howd that get here?

Come to think of it, there are leaves everywhere in this garage.  Lets get this stuff put back and then sweep quick.  

Proceed to pick up stuff...sweep one half of the garage...go get the keys for the other vehicle….crap, there are the dishes half done (good thing you didnt leave the water running) and the garbage can still needs a bag!

Now we are halfway done with 3 tasks and no closer to a cleaner kitchen!


Simple, use the list that you've already made in your head, but now you are going to make it better.  

Start with identifying the top 3 things that need to get done. 

Begin with the first and most important task, and do not touch anything else until you have physically crossed off that item from the list.  Literally, pen to paper crossed off! 

That little line, scribble, or checkmark, gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivates you.  It could be a sense of pride in a job well-done. Other times it might be the relief of finally completing that task which is long past due.

Your brain has just released Dopamine!  The feel good endorphin!  

Most people will do just about anything to get this feeling again! From scrubbing toilets to Cocaine (obviously an extreme).  But, if scrubbing the toilet is something on your list and you get to cross it off!  Euphoria!Feels good when its done doesnt it?  Taking the big rubber gloves off helps too!

Where does that leave us?
STOP multi-tasking! Its not efficient…(no Mom’s, you cannot win this argument)

Now sure, do you have to multi-task if you are trying to get 3 kids clothed, fed, and out the door on time?  Yep.  We are not talking about those situations. 

Take back control of your uninterrupted time to get S@*% done.  


  • Do one thing at a time
  • Limit your distractions (phones, computers)
  • Give yourself a set time allotment (4 hours of chores, then its time me/family/etc)
  • Prioritize the “must get dones”
  • Don't feel bad if the random stuff which didnt get done.  It will have its time and place to be the “must be”
  • Check it off the list!
  • Feel good
  • Do it again!