Team Challenge and Creating New Habits

The purpose of the team challenge is to keep you healthy and on track with your goals, while also keeping you in touch with your gym buddies and classmates. We do not expect to see everyone hitting 9 or 10 points every day, that is not the goal. The goal is to stay consistent with the things you are already doing and to slowly incorporate new habits and consistency in other areas you may struggle with. We recommend trying to get 6-10 points daily while incorporating balance throughout the week.


If you are going to a Christmas party or are going to be indulging in a few cocktails, maybe staying out late, missing out on sleep… make sure to get your workout in before you go and hit your protein, water, and veggie goals throughout the day. 

Or maybe finding time to workout and read/journal/stretch is tough a few days a week...then, make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and maybe avoiding alcohol on these days. 

Also, if you are sore or taking a rest day, missing out on workout points...Get outside, go for a walk, drink lots of water, and stretch out those sore muscles. You can still achieve 8 points without a workout. It’s all about balance.

Tips and Tricks:

  • If Sleep is a tough point to get: Try to avoid caffeine after 12pm.  Try to limit screen time 1 hour before going to bed. Get into a nightly routine and try to go to bed and wake up at the same time, consistently. Journaling or reading before bed is a good habit to incorporate or even finding a sleepytime tea or low sugar cider.
  • If protein is a tough point: Start to plan your meals and snacks around your protein choices and eat your protein first. Meal prepping and having protein ready to go is always a good start, that way when you are hungry you have protein, on hand, ready to go. Find protein recipes that the whole family will enjoy, we have a ton listed in the blogs on the website. Also, adding in a protein shake or bar after your workout or as a midday snack is an easy way to get an additional 20 grams.
  • If water is a tough point: Starting your day with a big glass of water, as soon as you wake up, is an easy routine to get into. Then, having one glass with every meal, drinking it before you eat. Also, adding things like Mio to your water or having a case of Propel can help you initially drink more just by having some flavor.
  • If the workouts are a tough point: Try staying in a similar routine as you were in at the gym. If you would get up early and do the workout before work, stay in that routine!! Find a place at home or at the office that you can designate specifically for working out, remove all distractions, and get it done! You can include your kids or spouse, as well, make it a habit for the whole family or arrange time with your significant other to allow for you to have 30 minutes to workout.
  • If alcohol is a tough point: Pick and choose the days or events where you really want to enjoy a drink and stick to it. If Friday night is “date night” be consistent throughout the week and enjoy a few drinks with your significant other. Maybe you like to have a beer during the game on Sunday, that’s okay!! Just don’t let it become a daily habit, find alternative beverages like kombucha or sparkling water.
  • If veggies are a tough point: Try incorporating them into dishes that you already make. Maybe you add mushrooms or peppers to your eggs in the morning. You can throw broccoli or peas into a rice or pasta dish. Sub out things like mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower or pasta for spaghetti squash. Be willing to at least try new things. This could be an area where you add veggies to your daily snacks, things like edamame or carrots are easy and require minimal preparation.
  • If journaling, stretching, meditation is a tough point: Ask around about some good books or find a book on a subject that you are interested in. If you want to stretch or meditate, pick a time every day and stick to it, make it part of your routine. You could stretch first thing in the morning, right before bed, or maybe take an extra 10 minutes after your workout to hold a few extra stretches. There are also plenty of meditation apps on your phone, an easy way to add a few minutes in per day. All of these things will help combat stress and aid in your immunity and health!

Our goal is to keep you as fit and healthy as possible while the gym is closed!! Please reach out if you need any further advice or help in creating new habits and routines. Remember, this is meant to be fun, not stressful!!