The CrossFit Open

What is the CrossFit Open? 

The Open is the first qualifying stage of the CrossFit Games. Any athlete who wants to compete at the Games must first make it through the Open and usually place high enough to “qualify” for the next steps. 

While the purpose of the Open is to find the fittest athletes in the world, it’s also an opportunity for ANY athlete at ANY level to participate in the competition. The Open is a worldwide online competition where you can see where you stack up against others, at your level, and in your age group.

Each week (for 3 weeks) a workout will be released, on Thursday evening, that will contain movement standards, time caps, and prescribed weights, plus scaling options. The workout must be completed by Monday evening and a judge must sign off on your score. Due to it being an online competition, it is important that you hit the appropriate standards to make it fair across the board. 

Should I sign up online for the Open?

This is entirely up to you, but the Open is for EVERYONE!! It is a great way to see where you stack up against others at your level, to use as a way to track progress, and to let your competitive spirit come out. The Open happens yearly so it can be fun to look back on previous years and see how you’ve improved on skills, pacing, and movements. We, also, typically “re-test” open workouts at different times throughout the year, so it is a good way to track your timing, weights, and scores.

It is a really fun way to be part of an even bigger community, of like-minded people, from all different parts of the world!!

If you decide not to sign up online, you are still welcome and encouraged to come to the gym to complete the workouts and be part of the community. The workouts are, both, fun and challenging and we would love to have as many people complete them and participate as possible.

How do I sign up for the Open?

The sign-up is online at Games.Crossfit.com. You will need to click on the “Sign Up” option and create an account + pay the $20 registration fee. Once you are signed up, a coach can help walk you through how to submit your scores and how to see the leaderboard. You can also look at previous year's workouts on this page and see previous year's leaderboards.

Sign-ups must be complete before the first week's submissions. This means you have until Monday, March 15th to make a final decision. We recommend signing up sooner than later though because Crossfit.com will NOT accept late registration. There are NO exceptions.

Do I have to have a judge?

If you are submitting your score, you do need to have a judge and you will need to hit the movement standards for the rep to be counted. Again, this is a real competition. We will have coaches and helpers at the gym to judge and make sure that everyone who has signed up can submit their scores.

If you are just doing it for fun and not signing up, having a judge is not necessary. You can come and throw down and complete the workout based on your range of motion and abilities.

Next Week…

We will have another blog next week that will go over what to expect and some of the required movement standards. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a coach!! We are so excited, only 8 more days until we see the first workout!!