Train to train another day

With the CrossFit Open coming up in the next few weeks, I wanted to write a blog about a discussion we had a few months back...

The CrossFit Games are not the same as what we try to provide in class!

Let me rephrase that...The Games athletes, while competing, do not follow the same rules (for form) as we apply/recommend as coaches.

Want the 3rd version or should I move on?

This is a simple reminder that, although we want to believe it in our minds, we are not games level athletes. During their competitions, high level athletes might...

Deadlift with a rounded back.

Scorpion their handstand walk.

Have their knees cave in as they max out their squat.

Not wrap their thumbs around the pull-up bar for toes to bar, pull-ups and muscle ups.

They will kip and kip and kip.

‍This is NOT, however, how they train outside of their competition. If you happen to follow any of these athletes online, you will see that most of their training is just that = training. Lots of slow and/or tempo lifts, spending time under tension. A ton of accessory work and strict mobility and recovery practices. 

We talked prior, about the difference in training vs competing (Jan 7th I think).

99% of your time you are training so why would we use Games athletes, during the Games, as an excuse to do something we don't recommend in class?

They can do the silly looking things listed above because they have earned a right to. They have built their solid foundation and when, and only when competing, do they prioritize speed over form. I know I'm generalizing a bit, I don't know every Games level athlete, but over the years I have met a few and a few coaches, they train very specifically for their SPORT.  They put it all on the line for a few days out of the year. They risk injury and sometimes health for the sake of winning. This is their career, similar to any professional sports player (think football players and concussion rates), and they are trying to do whatever they can to win.

This is why we constantly tell you to slow down.

Whether it be your pacing or a strength movement, save the theatrics and limit your risk.

You are not getting paid to do this. You do not have sponsors to keep happy.

You have your life to live and we want you to live it to the fullest.

Practicing movements, over and over again, with poor form can wreak havoc on your body long term. You are at a greater risk for both chronic and acute injuries and these injuries can accumulate over time to affect your longevity and overall quality of life. 

Have your favorite games athlete, or just love working out but if you aspire to be like them do not forget that training properly is closer to who they are more so than trying to emulate them at the Games.

We will write about the Open a bit more coming up! Thanks for reading everyone!