What else you can do to combat Covid?

You are wearing your mask, washing and sanitizing your hands, and staying 6ft apart from everyone....but what else are you doing to stay healthy?

This should not be a new concept to you. Most of you are already coming to the gym to become a better version of yourself. I imagine you are aware of other health factors you should and are already working on.

It may be disappointing that (at the time of writing this) the state has us closed. BUT, that is not an excuse to relax when it comes to your health standards.

According to an article by USA Today, being healthy reduces your risk of "severe illness" from Covid-19. (1)

I won't get into all the numbers (article link below) but they used BMI as a common reference. I do not like the BMI measurement, but not everyone has access to a fancy scanner to test your body density.

Either way, a higher body fat percentage has an effect. The article states that the organs under the most stress from Covid, if you have it, are the same ones working overtime if you are also overweight.

Being healthy does not eliminate you from the risk of getting Covid. You may experience a less severe version but shouldn’t stop you from being careful. You could be a carrier and find yourself exposing others. 

With those possible health concerns, where does that leave us?

Actually, in my opinion, back where we started.

You should be working on all the same things you were before. One could argue with more “intensity".

  1. Working out:
    You have to keep moving at a time like this! Even if you are stuck at home, get that body moving. Feel the endorphin rush! There is no need to go on about the strength benefits to the muscles and joints, the cardio benefits, and the stress relief. I think you all have a good understanding of that.
  2. Sleep:
    Lack of sleep will exaggerate your other, less than perfect, habits. You must find a way to get enough sleep. Ariel, Matt, and I attribute proper sleep much to our ability to combat illnesses.

  3. Stress:
    Do you have a lot on your mind lately? We can all empathize with that. You still must find a way to deal with it! High levels of stress can lead to sickness, and over long periods of time, can lead to many other health issues. (2) What are you doing to combat this?
    Workouts? Journaling? Talking to someone? Going for walks? Glass of wine?
    Even simple breathing techniques can reduce stress and bring on relaxation. (3)
  4. Nutrition:
    What do I need to say here that you haven't already heard before? Focus your meals around protein, 2 handfuls of veggies, 3 fingers of fats. There’s also the “Nutrition in 100 words” from CrossFit:
"Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat."

You get the idea. Hopefully, you have more time to make some healthy meals during this odd time. Do not forget about drinking enough water too!

  1. Micronutrients:
    This could have been covered in nutrition, but it's likely that many of us are not getting enough micronutrients from our diet. Don't like fruit and veggies? You may not be getting an adequate amount of zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C, and E, which is what Harvard Medical School recommends paying attention to.
    A good multivitamin will cover your bases. (4)

Body fat, blood pressure, mobility, cholesterol, resting heart rate are just a few others you should think about. Continuing to work on yourself will help keep all of these in check and hopefully reduce your risk of  Covid, or any other disease.

This could all be summarized as information we have already told you.

Even if this is a simple reminder, take it and run with it.

I know times are tough but you have the power to do this, it just takes some practice or at least a little re-focusing.

It could make all the difference in the long run; Covid or any other disease for that matter!

Keep up the great work!

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