6 Elements of Health

*Insight gathered from the smart people at Precision Nutrition

There is so much more than just body fat, weight, your Back Squat PR, getting enough water or protein in....when it comes to your HEALTH. Your DEEP HEALTH to be more specific.

These are 6 different pieces of your life you should be aware of and if possible, to build up or work on.

1: Physical
Ok, obviously this is still part of it. But forget the measurable's for a moment...
Do you FEEL healthy, energized, and like you are thriving? Do you feel like you perform at your best each day?

2: Emotional
You should and will feel a full range of emotions. If you do not have ups with the downs, certainly seek help for that. But on a normal day, do you feel calm, collected. Are you hopeful about the days opportunities? Do you carry a positive outlook with you into each task or interaction?

3: Environmental
Who and what you keep around you has a major impact on your day, your outlook, you life!
It reminds me of a short story. A teacher once had two plants on each side of the room. All the variables to keep them healthy were the same; sunlight, water, etc. Each day the students (2nd or 3rd grade) would say something positive and nice to plant A, and something negative to plant B. Guess which one grew better?
So, does your environment support you? Do the closest people around you?

4: Mental
On most days, do you feel alert. Do you feel like you can focus on the task at hand without getting distracted? Are you as thoughtful as you normally are? Do you retain the info presented to you? Are your problem solving skills working well?

5: Existential
Everyone needs a purpose in life. Something that gets them excited about the day. Do you have a sense of meaning, a purpose?

6: Relational
With those closest to you, do you feel connected? Do you have a real, authentic relationship? You should feel supported in good times and bad.

If any of these things are missing...it might be why you feel like you are never making the progress you want. There may be huge underlying parts of your life completely out of alignment and no perfect diet and 6-pack abs will fix it.

Like anything, it's going to take getting out of your comfort zone to fix or heal some of the items above. The journey will be worth it, I promise.