You have to learn to walk before you can run.

“One must understand or become adept at the basic skills, techniques, or details of something before moving on to that which requires greater skill or experience.” (whoever said “you have to walk before you run.”)

This is exactly why we have built multiple levels at Aerial Athletics and help everyone scale accordingly.  The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt because they have not mastered the basics of proper form and body mechanics before adding load or moving onto a more advanced movement.

Next time you want to try a muscle up, pause and ask yourself: Can I safely do all the parts of a muscle-up (ring dip, ring pull up, a clean and effective kip)? 

Have I practiced these movements and progressions? 

If the answer is no, go back and start with the basics. Work on each section of the movement first.      

This approach applies to everything, not just fancy gymnastics stuff.

Can’t squat below parallel? Why? 

Ask a coach to help you figure out your limitations, then figure out what proper depth is for you, set up a target, brace properly, etc.  You first must master the small pieces. Then work on removing the limitations you might have(mobility or strength). After those two steps, you then can worry about adding weight.

At Aerial Athletics, we offer progressions, different levels, monthly skills, and personal modifications. This allows you to work on mastering the basics of these movements so you can advance at your own pace.  If you are looking for greater insight compared to a quick review during class, schedule a personal training session with a coach. This could help you progress much quicker at some skills!

Remember to check your ego at the door when you enter the gym and aim for longevity in health and wellness!